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Thursday, 7 November 2013



a hurt heart when heals left scars, 
all things seem wrong,
no one can cure it except one.
ALLAH the Greatest.

He knows what is the best, He knows what he planned, He knows everythings... hidden and shown.

He gives us problems, believe in Him...
He gives hardness in life, believe in Him....
He gives challenges, believe in Him...
He takes someone from us, believe in Him...
He gives joy, believe in Him...
He gives happiness, believe in Him...

believe in Him persistently, without doubt. He knows better than us. No one can love us abundantly and protect us like Him.

say Alhamdullilah... thank you ALLAH~

a letter

 from a friend

i`m gratefull for having great friendS like you

i`m so gratefull for having friendS that always make me `alarm` what trust towards Almighty Allah are?

though we very far apart, but the bridge of ukhuwwah connects us~ thanks to Allah The Most Benificent and The Most Merciful.

 Since my hands can`t reach U, 
let my prayer hug U with Allah`s love,
 blessing and guidance. 

Dear Allah, 
I don`t know all the challenges my friend are facing of,
 but U know everything.

 I hear her silence, 
U hear her pleads. 
I see her laughing,
 U see her tears.
 I see when she give, 
U see what has been taken from her.
 I see her appearance,
 U see the scars in her soul.
 Bless her abundantly for all times to come.

 thanks for her dua`....
 i`m sharing  this to all friends of friends...

did you know the power hidden behind dua` of a friend to his/her friends without them knowing about it ~i.Allah will be blessed by ALLAH.
lets PRAY for our friends starting from this moment you read my post-all my friends wherever you are...