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Thursday, 7 November 2013

a letter

 from a friend

i`m gratefull for having great friendS like you

i`m so gratefull for having friendS that always make me `alarm` what trust towards Almighty Allah are?

though we very far apart, but the bridge of ukhuwwah connects us~ thanks to Allah The Most Benificent and The Most Merciful.

 Since my hands can`t reach U, 
let my prayer hug U with Allah`s love,
 blessing and guidance. 

Dear Allah, 
I don`t know all the challenges my friend are facing of,
 but U know everything.

 I hear her silence, 
U hear her pleads. 
I see her laughing,
 U see her tears.
 I see when she give, 
U see what has been taken from her.
 I see her appearance,
 U see the scars in her soul.
 Bless her abundantly for all times to come.

 thanks for her dua`....
 i`m sharing  this to all friends of friends...

did you know the power hidden behind dua` of a friend to his/her friends without them knowing about it ~i.Allah will be blessed by ALLAH.
lets PRAY for our friends starting from this moment you read my post-all my friends wherever you are...

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