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Saturday, 29 December 2012

every family has a story


     the best thing in the world is having a family. i`m grateful enough to have my very own family. I can`t imagine if i`m the one without family. i bet all of us know the feeling of `loneliness`. sometimes the one with family members feel unhappy but those who doesn't have anyone are very happy. just be grateful because Almighty Allah gave us family. when we have some problem we tend to regret it, but when we don't, we are hoping for that. yes, GRATEFUL easy to spell or mention but then very hard to do. a basic family consist of father, mother, sibling or siblings. but if one of your family member doesn't exist in this world anymore you still have a FAMILY.  that's the special part of FAMILY.


     not all family are perfect. some might have many problems and some might not. truthfully, all of us have problems but, the way we handle the problem is important. just imagine someone can be very good with their friends but some tend to hate their own family members. thinking about it, i remember those novels that I've read. the story seems cliche but in real life it really happen. that's the REALITY. there are people who are more comfortable with their friend rather than their FAMILY. why? ask yourself. from those 2 which group you are in? either we are the one who create problems in our own family or we are the one who see our family members having problems.


i don't say the person that think they are more comfortable with their friends are abnormal person. let say, if we are those people, we have a family but don't have MAHABBAH among our family members how can we become happy living with them. that's why, MAHABBAH is very important than MONEY. once we lost our family we can't buy them with MONEY. as parents the 'MAHABBAH thing' should be exposed to their children. so, as they become older they will understand, each of their siblings are very important in their journey of life.

life is like a jigsaw puzzle.

every single pieces are compliment for each other. without even one pieces the jigsaw puzzle is not completed as they have hole. same like FAMILY. having aFAMILY is definitely the best thing in the world. family members compliment to each other. with problem we seem have a big hole. but with MAHABBAH those hole can be 'cured'.

 so let's live a very happy life with OUR FAMILY members because they are present from ALMIGHTY ALLAH.

as Malay saying ' air yang dicincang tidak akan putus ' that's the BOND OF FAMILY that tied all family members in it.